Robin's Nest Creations &
Autism Spectrum Resource

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Something Different

Little Shops on
Rio Grande

Sandia Crest House

Prickly Pear Cactus Flower

Misc. Matted Prints

Red Sunflowers, 

Twisted Barrel Cactus Flowers

Framed and Canvas Prints

Various Totes with 

Original Photos

Original Photographic Water Bottles, Coffee Cups, and More

Original Photo Coasters

Original Photo Items

Framed and Matted Prints

Weighted Blankets, Collars, 

Lap Pads and More

Black Eyed Susans Matted Print

NW Valley Matted Print 

Original Hand Painted and Decorated Birdhouses for use Outdoors.

Tee-shirt with Original Print & Balloons

Tee-shirts with Original Photos 

From the Sandia Crest House

Collage Prints with Views taken from the Crest and Albuquerque

Frames not included

South View from the Sandia Crest

Matted Original Prints taken from the Sandia Crest House

Little Shops on Rio Grande,

1/2 mile North of I-40 in Albuquerque. 


You can find out more about what we make and sell by going to

or calling 505-850-2052